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News, 5/23/2013

Government Communications Department

Prime Minister Katainen: Growth and jobs through effective energy and tax policies

Press release 238/2013

On 22 May, the European Council discussed energy and tax policies. The focus is on the creation of new jobs and growth.

"Better functioning taxation and more effective internal energy markets will improve competitiveness in Europe and support employment. This will increase revenue to public finances, which can then be invested to create new growth, and guarantee a level playing field to businesses in various parts of Europe. As regards energy, we are to have access to reasonably priced energy and use it more effectively than before," Prime Minister Katainen said in Brussels.

"We discussed ways of combating tax evasion and tax fraud. Here Finland has been among the first countries to take initiative. For a long time already, Finland has emphasised the significance of practical tax coordination to economic growth. Decisions on the actual levels of taxation are for the Member States to make but the EU must coordinate what is being taxed. The tax base must be broadened so that we do not need to raise the level of taxes. It is a question of competitiveness. Businesses must be provided with clear and reliable operating environments," Prime Minister Katainen said.

"In the context of our discussion on energy, I emphasised the importance of renewable energy sources available in Europe. There is a lot of public discussion on wind and solar energy. The truth, however, is that 2/3 of the renewable energy produced in Europe comes from bioenergy and Finland has exceptional expertise in that field. I also stressed the importance of cleantech know-how. We must make strong investments in research, development and innovations that promote cleantech. Finland has every opportunity to lead the way in this process," Katainen said

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