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Column: International Gender Equality Prize recipient is a glass ceiling breaking role model

Angela Merkel IGEP Prize (photo Juha Roininen)The International Gender Equality Prize established by the Government of Finland was awarded to Angela Merkel in the margins of the EU Summit on Thursday 14 December. Merkel’s personal history makes her one of the most influential women of all time. She is undeniably a glass ceiling breaker and a role model to many women and girls. More...

EU agreed on including the land use sector (LULUCF) in the 2030 climate policy targets

Metsä (Kuva: ympäristöhallinto)On 14 December the trilogue between the EU Member States, the Commission and Parliament reached a preliminary agreement on the LULUCF Regulation, i.e. how carbon sinks and emissions caused by the use of forests and lands are taken into account in the EU's climate policy targets to 2030. "We found support for the active role of forest management in climate policy", commented Minister Kimmo Tiilikainen. More...

Finland and Sweden ask MEPs to support climate work and promoting renewable energy

aurinkopaneeliMinister of the Environment, Energy and Housing of Finland Kimmo Tiilikainen and Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy of Sweden Ibrahim Baylan have sent a letter to the Members of the European Parliament, reminding them about the important role of sustainable bioenergy in reaching the EU’s climate and energy targets to 2030. More...

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