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Finland’s passenger rail transport opens to competition

juna-asemaThe Finnish Government has decided to open passenger rail transport to competition. In the 2020s, the national railway company VR will no longer have exclusive right to the provision of rail transport services in the Finnish rail network and other operators can enter the passenger rail transport market as well. The reform will be carried out in an orderly manner, divided into stages and follow the principles of good human resources policy. More...

Prime Ministers of Finland, Denmark and Netherlands: ”A case for a strong and focused European Union”

Eurooppa-neuvosto 29042017The European Union is the world’s biggest trading block and most advanced economy. We have an extensive internal market based on a liberal free trade policy to thank for that. Trade within the European Union and with the rest of the world is the basis of our prosperity. It creates growth and jobs and allows us to finance welfare states for our citizens. A continued liberal trade policy is essential, if Europe is to remain among the world’s most important economic areas. More...

Climate minister Tiilikainen: Finland’s carbon sinks should be recognized in the EU

Metsä (kuva: Pixabay)"Finland is dedicated to reducing it's emissions to reach the EU goals. The carbon sinks should be seen for what they are: an important part of reaching the common, European climate targets." Watch Minister Kimmo Tiilikainen's statement and greetings from a Finnish forest. More...

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